Job Title: Integration Expert Vacancy Notice: VN 01/2019 Position Number -
Location: Catanzaro, Italy Position Grade: UNOPS L-ICA 6 Closing Date: 2019-01-17
Organizational Context

At the end of 2018, the arrival of some 25,000 persons by sea arrivals and an additional 15,000 by land/air is foreseen. Notwithstanding the significant decrease in sea arrivals, the fragile protection and integration prospects in first countries of asylum and transit countries will remain unchanged and will continue to push towards the EU. The security situation in Libya, country of departure of the majority of migrants and refugees, will most likely continue to be volatile in 2019.The size of the movements across the Mediterranean will depend on an array of factors, including Italy’s and EU’s engagement with Libya. The Syrian crisis is expected to continue but Syrian arrivals are likely to remain low, since routes to Italy are difficult to travel. In 2019, between 20,000 and 40,000 sea arrivals are expected to arrive to Italian shores.

Integration prospects for beneficiaries of international protection in Italy continue to be seriously limited, as a consequence also of the economic crisis of the last few years and the cuts to the welfare system, and constitute therefore one of the most problematic areas of the Italian asylum system. One of the most evident and negative consequences is the rising number of beneficiaries of international protection, including persons with specific needs such as families with children, who live in destitute conditions in spontaneous settlements or occupied buildings located in the metropolitan areas of Rome, Milan, Florence and Turin. Moreover, the overlapping of responsibilities between various institutional actors, both at national and local level, further complicates planning and managing of measures to promote effective integration processes.

UNHCR deems integration as a means to ensure refugees' self reliance and, therefore, as a key area of the asylum system. The increase of the refugees and the integration challenges require greater efforts in supporting the beneficiaries of international protection through, in particular, the adoption of tailored positive measures and the engagement of both the institutional actors and the private sector.

In 2019, the adoption of a new National Integration Plan (NIP) is foreseen. UNHCR will continue to focus on the objectives envisaged in the Integration Action Plan, and consolidate an inter-unit approach to inclusion. UNHCR will support the enhancement of the National Integration Working Group in the implementation of the current NIP, promoting PoCs participation.

As the research published by the Bank of Italy in 2017 shows, refugees have much more difficulties in finding a job than both Italians and migrants with a residence permit. In 2019, UNHCR will continue to support some projects providing job/apprenticeship opportunities to PoCs in various sectors such as agriculture and cooking while strengthening the network with NGOs, institutions and private companies. UNHCR will also continue to promote the Logo Project within the business community, including through targeted meetings and events organized jointly with the employers’ organizations and some key interlocutors as well as proactively seeking the engagement of big companies. UNHCR has also developed, jointly with the Ministry of Education, an educational website, "Viaggidaimparare", aiming at sensitising Italian students on refugees and asylum. UNHCR has also planned the development of a project on integration in partnership with civil society/NGOs.

UNHCR is looking for a qualified candidate to perform functions of Integration Expert, with immediate deployment in Catanzaro.


In the context of support provided in the implementation, in targeted regional areas, of the recommendations envisaged in the National Integration Plan, the Integration Expert will carry out, under the supervision of the Rome-based integration focal point, the following activities:

a) promote and monitor the implementation of recommendations included in the Integration National Plan jointly with the Tavolo Regionale di Coordinamento and the Region, also participating in all relevant institutional working groups;

b) promote the adoption of a local Integration Plan and actively contribute to its drafting and implementation;

c) carry out participatory assessment on integration with refugees and social workers;

d) undertake a mapping of the local integration system, namely:

  • services for integration with particular attention to health, education, employment, housing, measures anti-discrimination;
  • institutional actors;
  • NGOs and private sectors;
e) promote the involvement of private sector in supporting refugees' integration, including through:
  • support the implementation of the project "welcome. Working for refugee integration", also establishing a network with the association of employers and the trade unions;
  • promote the creation of a social network, including also volunteers, sports and cultural associations;
f) carry out missions upon Office request;

g) organize and/or participate in training events on integration upon Office request;

h) promote the use of "Viaggidaimparare" website;

i) monitor informal settlements;

j) respect the confidentiality of any sensitive information and adhere to the UNHCR Code of Conduct as well as the Policy on the Protection of Personal Data of Persons of Concern to UNHCR;

k) report regularly to the Office and upon request;

l) represent UNHCR in relevant thematic initiatives on integration and related matters;

m) undertake necessary UNHCR trainings;

n) perform other protection-related duties as required.

Accountability and Authority

Envisaged starting date: mid-February 2019.

Duration: first three months (probationary), with possibility of extension up to 31 December 2019.

Remuneration: UNOPS Local Individual Contractor Agreement (L-ICA, level 6).

Candidates must have the right to work in Italy.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the assessment. Shortlisted candidates will be assessed through a written test and an oral interview.

For application-related queries, please write to




Minimum Qualification and Professional Experience Required

  • Completion of secondary school. Additional certificate/training in International Law, Political Science or related field is required.
  • Relevant to the function: 6 years.
  • Fluency in English and local language (Italian).


  • Good computer skills.
  • Completed Protection Learning Programme.

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