Job Title: Senior Protection Assistant (Community-Based) Vacancy Notice: VN 02/2019 Position Number 10027261
Location: Rome, Italy Position Grade: General Service G5 Closing Date: 2019-01-22
Organizational Context

Italy is at a complex juncture being a country of transit, a country of asylum and integration of refugees. By the end of 2018, UNHCR estimates that there were over 85,000 recognized refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection permanently living in Italy, including over 3,800 refugees who arrived to Italy through legal pathways such as resettlement or humanitarian corridors (from 2015 to 2018).
By the end of 2018, it is foreseen that some 40,000 persons will have arrived by sea, land and air to Italy. Notwithstanding the significant decrease in sea arrivals in relation to previous years, the fragile protection and integration prospects in first countries of asylum and transit countries is expected to remain unchanged and continued to push towards the EU. The size of the movements across the Mediterranean will depend on an array of factors, including Italy's and EU's engagement with Libya, where the security situation is extremely volatile and unpredictable. It is expected an increased number of cases fleeing from Venezuela and gang violence in Central America.
UNHCR has at the core of its protection mandate promote meaningful participation of persons of concern. Over the time UNHCR has strengthened the rights-based foundations of its work that include the promotion of the right of every person to participate in decisions affecting their lives. UNHCR in Italy has as its operational heart its community-based approach to work together with refugees and other persons of concern from their arrival to their integration. In line with its Age, Gender and Diversity polity, the Community-based protection team leads the facilitation of participatory consultations with persons of concern and host communities, as well as a series of operational initiatives on community- engagement and participation.
UNHCR Italy seeks to ensure that all persons of concern enjoy their rights on an equal footing and that are able to participate and contribute to build a favorable protection environment. Through a series of protection programs and interventions, the Community-based protection team together with UNHCR's partners promote that barriers and obstacles for effective enjoyment of rights and access to services of refugees, statelessness and asylum seekers are overcome in line with national and international laws.
Against this background, the Senior Community-Based Protection Assistant is expected to contribute to the protection response of UNHCR in Italy, promote that further protection risks are prevented and enhance a conducive protection environment where asylum seekers and refugees can fulfill their rights and obligations. Specifically, he/ she will be instrumental on enhancing the outreach and participation capacity with UNHCR persons of concern. Among the task envisaged for this position are include the production of communication materials in different formats and languages understood by refugees and asylum seekers in Italy and the transmission by a wide range of channels, as well as the establishment and management of feedback mechanisms to persons of concern for UNHCR.
To fulfill this role the Senior Community-Based Protection Assistant is required to spend a substantial percentage of her/his time working outside the office, building and maintaining protection networks, as well as traveling around Italy. The development and maintenance of constructive relationships with key protection stakeholders that measurably impact and enhance communication with refugees and asylum seekers are at the core of the work of the Senior Community-Based Protection Assistant The incumbent also supports the designing of the protection strategy by ensuring that it is based on consultation with persons of concern and inclusive engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.
Good knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, editing programs, and information and data management tools are an asset. Proficient command of English and Italian is essential and knowledge on other languages are an asset, particularly those spoken by refugees and asylum seekers.


- Effective support is provided to promote AGD sensitive analysis of community risks and capacities as the essential basis for all of UNHCR's work.
- AGD sensitive analysis of community risks and capacities provides the essential basis for all of UNHCR's work.
- The participation of persons of concern is assured through continuous assessment and evaluation using participatory, rights and community based approaches, which inform protection and assistance programming and ensure that UNHCR meets its commitments to accountability to persons of concern.

- Assist functional units, the Multi-Functional Team (MFT) and senior management to integrate participatory and community-based approaches in the overall protection delivery strategy.
- Through relationships with persons of concern and network of partners stay abreast of political, social, economic and cultural developments that have an impact on the protection environment and provide advice to the protection team. Understand the perspectives, capacities, needs and resources of the persons of concern and advise the protection team accordingly, highlighting the specific protection needs of women and men, children, youth and older persons, persons with disabilities, marginalized groups.
- Assist in initiatives with host communities to involve national civil society groups in the protection of persons of concern.
- Support implementing and operational partners as well as displaced and local communities to develop community-owned activities to address, where applicable, the social, educational, psycho-social, cultural, health, organisational and livelihood concerns as well as child protection and prevention and response to SGBV.
- Assist in the analysis that identifies the capacities of communities of concern and risks they face.
- Support participatory assessments by multifunctional teams and ongoing consultation with persons of concern.
- Support efforts to build the office capacity for community-based protection.
- Support communities in establishing representation and coordination structures
- Ensure community understanding of UNHCR's commitment to deliver on accountability and quality assurance in its response.
- Collect data for monitoring of programmes and budgets from an AGD perspective.
- Draft and type routine correspondence, documents and reports using word processing equipment and maintain up-to-date filing systems.
- Act as interpreter in exchange of routine information, contribute to related liaison activities and respond directly to routine queries.
- Perform other relevant duties as required.

- Assist in the enforcement of participatory AGD sensitive analysis as an essential basis for all of UNHCR's work.
- Initiate AGD sensitive interventions at the appropriate level on community-based protection issues and to respond to protection concerns and incidents within the office and with persons and communities of concern based on agreed parameters.
- Identify which individuals or groups to prioritize for counselling and field visits based on agreed criteria.
- Enforce compliance of implementing partners with global protection policies and standards of professional integrity in the delivery of protection services.

Accountability and Authority

Candidates must have the right to work in Italy.

To apply, please download the Personal History Form (PHF) and Supplementary Sheet at: Then signup/login and complete the online application form.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the assessment.

Shortlisted candidates will be assessed through a written test and an oral interview.




Minimum Qualification and Professional Experience Required

Define the educational background, the relevant job experience and the language(s) that are essential to perform the work of the position.
- Completion of the Secondary education; Training in International Development, Cultural Studies, Human Rights, International Social Work, Social Science, Political Science, Anthropology, International Law or other clearly related disciplines.
- Job Experience: Minimum of 4 years previous relevant job experience.
- Computer skills (MS Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access).
- Fluency in English and working knowledge of another relevant UN language or local language.
(In offices where the working language is not English, excellent knowledge of working language of duty station and working knowledge of English.)

- Describe any experience or knowledge that would be an asset, such as: UNHCR Learning Programmes, other training, additional languages, Field/HQs experience, etc.
- Knowledge of Administrative/financial rules, procedures, processes in the context of UNHCR offices and Field operations.
- UNHCR learning programmes (PLP).
- Knowledge of MSRP.

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